Update on Life in London


I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog! Don’t worry it’ll be getting busy all too soon.  I’ve recently moved to the United Kingdom; London to be more specific.  Why did I choose London? I loved the city when I was here last time (aside from a few minor details) and it’s the central hub for travelling anywhere in Europe.

I’ll admit now it was a pretty big move.  After being here for a month I’m starting to really feel it.  It’s all those little things.  Like, being able to call up some friends and head out for a snack or a drink.  Having the convenience of a car because using public transit is too much hassle.  It’s probably my bed I miss the most.  That thing is so comfortable.  I can’t really afford to buy myself another Tempur-Pedic mattress.  I’ve recently found a permanent place to live and I think I lucked out with the size of the room.  It’s pretty darn big and with all bills included in the rent it’s not too bad for the area.  However, it is a shared house with a bunch of other people.  So really, not that great.  The kitchen and bathroom are usable but the condition could be a lot better.  I think as long as I keep my own room clean my sanity will be intact.

Those were some of the nitpicky things that bug me, but really, London isn’t all bad! There’s tons of great things to do in the city aside from the usual tourist attractions.  I’ve met tons of new people through meetups.  I’ve tried tons of different kinds of street food all over the city.  Every weekend there’s something going on around the city (usually includes food too).  The language too.  You think you can speak English, but then there’s like a whole buckets worth of words you simply don’t understand.  I’ll probably make short videos on the differences of British and Canadian English.

Now that I’m settled in you’ll start to see a lot more updates from my blog.  I’ll try getting more photos up soon.  Probably do something weekly or bi-weekly.  I’ll catch you all later!


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  • There are too many people living here! But, hopefully I’ll find another place in a couple months. I’ll take more photos of the place once I’m totally settled in. I’m actually moving rooms in a week or so; bigger room!

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