Day 2: Bagnolet Wake Up & House Tour


I ended up waking up pretty late today.  Although, it was a loud wake up.  Wasn’t my alarm clock.  It was the early parade out on the streets.  This weekend is the “Festival de Bagnolet”.  So the entire area is littered in confetti!  They had drums, horns, everything going to wake up anyone trying to sleep-in.  The weather outside has been pretty crummy all day too.  I wanted to head out today with my camera but it was raining hard.  To make matters worst, just when you think its sunny, 5 minutes later there’s an overcast above you and it starts raining again.  I managed to get a couple pictures before I packed away my gear.

The plan today was to head out and prepare for my self-tour around the city on Monday.  I wanted to head to the bank, HSBC, to grab some cash.  But, what do you know, it’s closed.  And there isn’t an out door ATM for the one I went to.  A 15 minute walk for nothing.  I did find this cute little theatre.  It’s closed down for renovation, so won’t be watching any movies there.  On the way back to my place, that’s when I bought some more groceries at another store on the way, and picked up my Chicken Burger. That’s chicken burger with a French accent.

Now that I’m home,  I decided that since I’m not going out I’d do some laundry and vlog a bit.  I’ll have to head out tomorrow and head to the other HSBC that does have an ATM outside.  Hopefully if I wake up early enough I’ll head to Le Musée du Louvre.  According to the site, it isn’t as expensive as everyone makes it out to be.  For 15€ you can get a year pass if you’re under 26 or 30€ for those under 30.  The regular one time ticket to see everything is 14€, so only one euro more (at least for me when I wrote this; that’s right future me).

Some later in the week I’ll go see this show called Comment Devenir Parisien en une Heure or How to Become Parisian in one Hour.  It’s showing at the theatre called Théâtre de la Main d’Or.  The cheapest ticket goes for 15€ online.  Was told by a friend its one of those “must see” events.

And here’s the house tour I promised:

Forgot to say, the Chicken Burger was pretty damn good.