Day 9: Air Show Then Rest

Day 9, was on EARLY Saturday morning. I actually woke up at 7:30, showered, and left by 8 in the morning! I had to meet up with a friend at Opéra metro station to make it in time for the Air Show. The Air Show is this big world presentation, where all the greatest engineering manufacturers and developers show off their tech, and of course an actual air show where they have planes fly in the sky and do fancy manoeuvres. Everything from Boeing air planes, to missles to shoot them down, to satillites, to engines, and much more. The actual Air Show started around 1pm and lasted until around 3pm. I was STARVING by the end of it. Me and my buddy were holding out cause we didn’t want to pay for the 8€ sandwiches.  Not only starving, I also burned myself sitting in the sun too long; ouch.

After the show we headed back towards the city centre and ate some food.  Then went our separate ways.  I was so exhausted I ended up going home and crashing right away, that’s why this post is so late.  I actually didn’t bring my camera, so sorry to anyone who wanted to see any photos.  I’ll make up for it in Day 10 post.

This post is super short but I really didn’t do much this day.