Day 10: My Bagnolet, Point & Shoot

My last day here in Paris.  Tomorrow, I’ll wake up early and go to the train station to catch my train headed towards Cologne, Germany!  Before I leave, I wanted to take a few photos of my neighbourhood.  But, I didn’t want to walk around my neighbourhood with my dSLR, so I took my point & shoot Sony T90.  Obviously they won’t look as good as my dSLR, but with a little magic I can make it look a tiny bit better! CHALLENGE accepted. So, besides my neighbourhood took a few others of central Paris as well when I was out getting my lunch.

Besides my point & shoot challenge, I had another challenge today.  Where can you find a convenient store that’s open on a Sunday?! Seriously, when it comes to Sunday, the French are the laziest people alive.  This happens in Quebec too!  I did end up finding a store that was open though! And what do you know, it’s a Chinese person who’s open on a Sunday. It wasn’t all that serious but I thought I’d say it here.  Saturday and Sunday are probably the worst days to go to museums, especially Louvre and Versailles.  They’re way too packed to even enjoy them.  Markets Actually, even the local area here in Bagnolet gets pretty packed on weekends.  On weekends a bunch of street vendors come out to sell really random stuff.

For now, I’ll leave you all with these pictures and I’ll make another post tomorrow while on the train.  I’ll make posts of tips and things to look out for while in Paris.  It’ll be my overview of my 10 days here and what I’ve learned from this little part of my 3 month voyage! Until tomorrow!

My little neighbourhood: Bagnolet!

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] DSC00726.jpgDSC00725.jpgDSC00723.jpgDSC00722.jpgDSC00721.jpgDSC00719.jpgDSC00685.jpgDSC00684.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

Other Photos with Point & Shoot:

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] DSC00716.jpgDSC00709.jpgDSC00706.jpgDSC00703.jpgDSC00694.jpgDSC00693.jpgDSC00690.jpgDSC00688.jpgDSC00687.jpgPananorama.jpg[/pe2-gallery]