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Kiev a Modern and Historical Adventure

Kiev is at the top of my lists of places to visit if you’re a fan of learning about World War and Cold War history. Although, Krakow is still at the top of my list. I had the opportunity to visit the city when my dad was in the continent on a business trip.  It was great because not only did I get to see my dad but we had some of his local co-workers take us around the city.  It made it super easy to navigate the language by asking them to translate, rather than me stumbling with my Google Instant Translate app.  The city has some really great sites and museums to visit.  Like most cities in Eastern Europe, they’re only really starting to recuperate from the devastation of the Soviet regime and more recently the corruption of their ex-President, Viktor Yanukovych.  However, the city is really developed at the same time.  It might be an inexpensive city but it isn’t some backwards country like you hear in the media.  It’s like any other major city in the world. They have large grocery stores, street markets, a brilliant night life, large scale hotels, and much more.  As always though, be safe and use common sense when exploring.

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