London: Tower of London

The infamous Tower of London.  If you’re really into the history of London it’s definitely a must see museum.  I’d highly suggest getting the audio guide you can rent for 4 pounds, which you can find after you walk through the first gate.  There also the Yeoman guides you can follow.  You should probably do this first.  Without this manned guide you cannot enter the churches unless you’re going to the churches to attend service.

Each turret or tower has its own history of who it imprisoned and who died in the prison.  There were even prisoners who managed to escape.  The prison now is obviously nothing as it was in the past.  Its moat is no longer filled with water and one of the palaces is now turned into a museum that holds all of the crown jewels; literally decorated crowns, maces, and orbs used in ceremonies.

The royal family no longer uses the tower personally, but there is quite a large number of staff and residences who do live within the Tower walls.  Some are actual active duty soldiers and others are civilians who are employed by the City of London; City of London is different from London (Wikipedia it).  There is also a small hospital with a doctor on the grounds at all times, which makes sense since the tower is locked at night and no one can get in or out.

It’s quite pricey to see the grounds.  You’ll be looking at 21 pounds for adults, and 18 pounds if you’re a student.  Considering most of the museums are free it will feel expensive but it’s worth it to see it at least once.

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