London: Street Feast London

This is Street Feast London.  It’s an awesome food fest that happens in the Summer.  It’s on going from May until June every Friday & Saturday.  Every week there are new vendors that show up so it’s worth going to it more than once.

It opens up at 5 pm on the Friday. It’s best to go early, if you can.  By around 8 pm it gets ridiculously packed and the line ups for food take forever, since it’s super disorganized.  The food is absolutely delicious though.  If you’re early enough you’ll be able to find seating too, either around the centre of the court or up at the bar area.  You can see more shots of food at my food blog Munch On These.

It’s kind of a trek to get here though, depending on where you’re staying.  But, generally as tourists you’re likely not going to be staying in zone 2 of London.  The quickest way to get here is, likely a bus route, however, if you’re close to the Overground you can take that to Haggerston.  Street Feast London will be right outside the exit of the station.

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