London Report 1

London Report

I’ve finally arrived in London and it’s been two whole days since I’ve landed.  It was really quick getting out of the airport, since all I had was carry-on.  I had a bus booked for 11:10 AM but ended up waiting almost an entire hour for my pick-up time.  And since it is London, it was raining hard yesterday.  My bus ride that normally takes an hour to get into town took an extra 40 minutes because of debris and car accidents on the highway.  Luckily it worked out.  I had to meet up with a friend to get his keys to his place so I could settle in.  He was running a bit late but we ended up arriving at the same time.

I would say the weather is pretty chilly compared to Toronto right now.  The down pour of rain only makes it worst.  After dropping off my stuff I proceed to find the closest Uniqlo.  I figured they’d have all the clothes I would want.  I ended up finding one with Google Maps. My friend had left me a SIM to activate for my phone, so getting there with Google Maps on my phone was a breeze.  I picked up a rain coat (says parka on the sign).  I saw a Primark at the mall too but I’ll go back there later to get something from there.  Probably some socks and shoes.  Everything at the store is super cheap!

That was pretty much the brunt of the first day.  The second day was much more productive.  It was still raining.  So, the jacket I got from Uniqlo helped a lot to make the day more comfortable.  I ended up going to Portobello Road.  It’s around Noting Hill Gate Station.  I really only went here for the falafel I had the last time I was in London.  It was damn amazing! You can check out my photo posts on  The place is a large market so you can even pick up some fresh vegetables and fruits.  I got some lemons and avocado for some extra quick breakfast tomorrow.

After Portobello, I ended up going to Covent Garden.  I had been there the last time I was here, but we all went really late so not much was open.  The place is super lively during the day! There’s live performances everywhere.  There are a few magic acts, some comics, and musicians.  Lots of different kinds of markets all around.  I got some desserts, had some pie.  All-in-all I spent quite a bit of time here just watching the free performances around the area.  There was some celebrity in the area too.  I ended up getting swarmed by crazy fans and got stuck in a sea of bodies.  I have no idea who it was, all the information I got was, people screaming the name “Sonia”, and some kids saying she was a YouTube celebrity.  If you know who it is, let me know!

I dropped some of my photos down below.  I didn’t bring my DSLR so all my photos were taken with my phone.  Check out more at my other blog

IMG_20130529_134228.jpg IMG_20130529_140107.jpg IMG_20130529_140136.jpg IMG_20130529_150229.jpg IMG_20130529_153829.jpg IMG_20130529_155314.jpg IMG_20130529_155359.jpg IMG_20130529_155452.jpg IMG_20130529_160741.jpg IMG_20130529_161254.jpg IMG_20130529_162517.jpg IMG_20130529_163252.jpg IMG_20130529_163342.jpg IMG_20130529_164750.jpg IMG_20130529_165449.jpg IMG_20130529_165512.jpg IMG_20130529_165550.jpg IMG_20130529_170950.jpg IMG_20130529_174557.jpg IMG_20130529_174823.jpg IMG_20130529_181529.jpg


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