London: Borough Market

Borough Market

This is definitely one of those must see markets here in London.  Borough Market is located underneath the rail station at London Bridge Station.  You can get there by taking the subway (aka metro, underground, tube).  After exiting the station it is actually pretty hard to miss the place.  The smell of barbecue is really strong.  So just follow your nose; or a map.

Borough Market MapThere are actually two sides to the market.  Normally, tourists arrive on the Green Market side, which is the side that has all the barbecue smelling foods.  Here you’ll find tons of grilled foods and oven baked goodies.  Everything from burgers, hot dogs, falafel, pies, kabab, and even grilled cheese!  There’s also tones of dessert stands.  Down below I took a photo of this mountain of scone-like dessert that was wrapped in icing.  There is also this great Mediterranean dessert shop that sold a variety of baklava (spelled baklawa at their shop). Other shops include things like, cheese stands, and some meat vendors.  As a whole the best way to describe the Green Market is probably the “Ready-to-eat” side for the majority of vendors.

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The other side is called Three Crown Square.  Here you have a more traditional market, where most of the products on this side are to be taken home.  Here you can pick up some fresh seafood, raw meats, tons of fruits and vegetable, and tea.  A few shops sell trinkets and antiques.  A pretty unique store was the store that sold a variety of cooking oils and even had some desserts on sale.  There’s a couple fruit bars on this side of Borough Market.  They sell everything from lemonade, to watermelon juice, to some mixed juices.

There isn’t really any seating around the market if you decide to eat there.  The usual spot to hang out that’s close by is the cathedral.  There’s a lawn area that everyone kind of gathers around.  Just be sure to look out for your stuff if you’re going to hang out here.  Pickpocketing happens more frequently in these tourist dense areas.

Borough Market has a good majority of most of the street food you would expect in London.  The reason it is so popular is probably because of all the tourist sites that are close by.  Unfortunately, because of this the market is generally pricier than most other smaller markets around London.  Portobello Road, though a tourist spot too, is a lot less busier a generally cheaper for the same kind of produces and collectables.  This is not to say you shouldn’t go to Borough Market but if you have the time you try and visit some of the markets that are little further out of Zone 1.

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