Day 4: Musée du Louvre, 33% Complete

Woke up late today, as usual. I ended up going to Musée du Louvre around noon.  Stood in line for like an hour before I actually got inside.  I read somewhere there’s another entrance that’s not as long but I couldn’t find it for the life of me.  I did however see it from the inside.  It was on the same floor where they sold tickets.

I basically walked around the museum for like 3 hours straight, by the 3rd hour I was so exhausted and honestly it got hard to breathe in there.  Far too many people looking at things, so hard to get a good photo of anything, without someone getting in your way.  What makes it worst is, when someone bumps you they almost never say anything because they aren’t sure what language you speak.  I would say, “Pardon” but I’d always get stares or glares.  But, it only happens so often.  Most people visiting are really friendly.  Met a Brit at the cafeteria named Rob.  He was backpacking across Europe and in Paris for a couple days.

About taking photos as well, honestly, it makes me wish I had someone travelling with me.  It’d be nice to have someone I trust to take photos of me with my camera! I sure as heck ain’t gonna let a random stranger hold my 70-200mm lens.  I did bring a point & shoot ask people to take my photo but I hardly like any of them.  I feel bad after asking the person to take a 2nd or god-forbid a 3rd shot.

Paris Museum Pass Speaking of tickets.  The ticket line ups are ridiculous.  I don’t know why so many people don’t know about this, but there’s a thing in Paris called, “Paris Museum Pass”.  It basically gives you unlimited access to all museums around Paris and they come in 2, 4 or 6 day passes.  Not only that, there’s never a line up to buy them.  They aren’t that expensive, and most of the time they work out to be a lot cheaper than buying individual tickets.  Two day pass is only 30€, 45€ for 4 day, and 65€ for 6 day.  You can find the store that sells it inside the museum.  There are several other locations around the city as well.  Look for the the store in the photo.  I ended up buying the 6 day pass since I have time here.  I’ll make a video a bit later about the passes you should consider when visiting Paris.  Really helpful to know before you come here, so that way you’ll know which option makes the most sense.

Expensive Lunch Really going to Le Louvre really takes up the whole day. But, even still you can’t see it all.  That’s why it’s 33%.  I need to go back on either Wednesday or Friday to see this exhibit they call Noture, and there’s a couple areas I didn’t get a chance to visit.  Also, I wish I ate before going.  Food is ridiculously expensive in there I ate like a small fish with fries, a salad, and a bottle of water, rang up as 15€!  Food outside can be much cheaper.  Like that chicken & cheese crèpe I had yesterday.  I was dying around the 3rd hour I wanted to get out to get some food, but I could get to the exit for the life of me.  I swear I followed the signs that said sortie but it just kept on taking me to another part of the museum! It was like a maze!

Anyway, that’s about the entire day.  Ending off with another blog here.  I’ll try and do more videos but it’s hard to find time to do them.  Here are the photos of the day!

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] IMG_3646.jpgIMG_3647.jpgIMG_3649.jpgIMG_3653.jpgIMG_3661.jpgIMG_3663.jpgIMG_3665.jpgIMG_3670.jpgIMG_3676.jpgIMG_3680.jpgIMG_3685.jpgIMG_3686.jpgIMG_3688.jpgIMG_3690.jpgIMG_3692.jpgIMG_3699.jpgIMG_3701.jpgIMG_3702.jpgIMG_3704.jpgIMG_3709.jpgIMG_3723.jpgIMG_3725.jpgIMG_3731.jpgIMG_3734.jpgIMG_3737.jpgIMG_3741.jpgIMG_3750.jpgIMG_3751.jpgIMG_3755.jpgIMG_3757.jpgIMG_3761.jpgIMG_3779.jpgIMG_3782.jpgIMG_3783.jpgIMG_3786.jpgIMG_3788.jpgIMG_3792.jpgIMG_3793.jpgIMG_3795.jpgIMG_3796.jpgIMG_3798.jpgIMG_3802.jpgIMG_3808.jpgIMG_3815.jpgIMG_3817.jpgIMG_3822.jpgIMG_3829.jpgIMG_3807.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

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