Church in Krakow in Old Town

Krakow Tours Galore & Randoms

In early July, I made a trip to Poland. Krakow to be more specific. Originally I was going to fly to Warsaw but a friend of mine told me to skip it and head to Krakow instead. Boy was that a good decision. I had no idea where Krakow was in Poland or what it even represented. After a quick Google Search, I found out that it was not very far from the infamous Auschwitz. I’m sure if you’ve seen a World War II movie in the last decade you’ll know what it is. For those who don’t have an idea though, it was the Nazi’s largest Jewish internment (concentration) camp. It’s by far one the worst moments in human history. If you have a huge fascination for world history this is for sure a must-see, must-visit location. If you’re not as interested in that, there’s still something here for the foodies! Continue Reading

Brighton & Seven Sisters

How To See Brighton & Seven Sisters Cliffs

The United Kingdom is a huge island. As an island there are some pretty fantastic coastal areas. Brighton is one such coast. The city is only about an hour train ride south of London and relatively cheap to travel to on weekends. You can find tickets for as low as £10.50 round-trip; cheaper if you decide to go with a few friends and use a group saver discount. The city is small but has a few famous landmarks. Also, being by the coast you can expect plenty of options of seafood, but nothing beats having seafood fresh on the beach. Continue Reading


Copenhagen Explored in Two Days

Over the long weekend  in May I took a trip to Copenhagen.  I had honestly not planned anything and kind of left it to my friend who I was travelling with.  The only thing we had really booked was the usual Free Walking Tour; you can usually find one in most big cities around the world.  I was so poorly prepared for this trip that I had no idea that they didn’t use Euros in Denmark.  Luckily my friend helped me out and withdrew some Danish krones (DKK) from the ATM for me!

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London: Finding Deals in London

London Deals

It’s been about two months since I moved to London.  Priority number one is to budget my funds! As an avid RFDer (RedFlagDeals) user, it’s only natural my first instinct is to find the cheapest stuff possible with the best possible value as well.  It’s quite rough out here.  In comparison to Toronto, almost everything here is much more expensive.

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Update on Life in London


I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog! Don’t worry it’ll be getting busy all too soon.  I’ve recently moved to the United Kingdom; London to be more specific.  Why did I choose London? I loved the city when I was here last time (aside from a few minor details) and it’s the central hub for travelling anywhere in Europe.

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