Surviving New York City

Those of you who know me on Facebook have probably seen quite a few of the foods I’ve had already on this one week pig fest.  I’ve made it my sworn mission to eat at as many restaurants in New York City (NYC) as I can possibly can.  How is it possible to have 5 full meals a day you ask?  By slowly pacing myself, bit by bit.  Don’t worry I’m pretty sure my GI health is doing fine, things seem fine on the bottom end of the world.

Today is my sixth day in the city.  Though I feel fine, I’ve decided to take it easy today – on my stomach – and relax at a Starbucks while I write this blog.  I thought I’d share with everyone my thoughts on the city and my experiences getting here, living here, and most importantly, eating here.  I’ll talk mostly about the first two things and food will come in a later post.

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