Church in Krakow in Old Town

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In early July, I made a trip to Poland. Krakow to be more specific. Originally I was going to fly to Warsaw but a friend of mine told me to skip it and head to Krakow instead. Boy was that a good decision. I had no idea where Krakow was in Poland or what it even represented. After a quick Google Search, I found out that it was not very far from the infamous Auschwitz. I’m sure if you’ve seen a World War II movie in the last decade you’ll know what it is. For those who don’t have an idea though, it was the Nazi’s largest Jewish internment (concentration) camp. It’s by far one the worst moments in human history. If you have a huge fascination for world history this is for sure a must-see, must-visit location. If you’re not as interested in that, there’s still something here for the foodies! Continue Reading